Tavares Group Consulting (Staarsoft®)

Tavares Group Consulting Inc. is a corporate social responsibility firm whose Sustainability Toolkit approach has been proven in many types and sizes of organisations prior to its development as Staarsoft®, the sustainability planning, implementation and reporting software that provides organizations with the ‘how-to’ guidance needed to plan, manage and report on a comprehensive sustainability program. This digital tool assists organisations in their focus on a high quality product or service while enabling them to be kind to their environment and community, both locally and globally.

With the growth of their success, Tavares Group Consulting decided to move Staarsoft® Software to StackSoft’s advanced hosting platform. StackSoft hosts and manages this web application assuring it is constantly running smoothly and securely. We provide diverse services for Saarsoft such as:

  • - Backups
  • - Security updates
  • - Bug fixes
  • - Monitoring
  • - Downtime assistance

Sandra Tavares, Principal, Tavares Group Consulting Inc. / Staarsoft® software: Communication is the key to successful teamwork, and StackSoft has been a pleasure to interact with throughout our time working together. The StackSoft team has been very responsive to the needs of our software users. They are always quick with applying upgrades, implementing features and maintaining the security of our infrastructure”

At StackSoft we also help Tavares Group Consulting create new features for their application. Staarsoft® Software was in need of a Blog feature, therefore we created one for them made from scratch that could integrate with their exiting code base. Doing so gives Tavares Group Consulting the ability to have their blog designed in a way which is catered more specifically for their needs.

The blog features timely and critical sector-specific sustainability content to bring in more internet traffic.

We have built a strong relationship with Tavares Group Consulting where there is mutual trust with one another, this has led to us managing virtually all of their infrastructure. This close relationship has enabled us to deliver services that are effective and recognizably faster than other consultant firms.